Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our store: This is just lingerie.

Our philosophy: We don't sell lingerie, we promote the idea of freedom and love.

Feel the Freedom to express your sexuality! Save the world!

The world needs inspiration. The world needs your love, your tenderness, your charisma and your strength.

How can you save the world? -By being yourself, by growing your energies.

How about that?

It is not a secret that in many ancient cultures the concept of vital energy is completely equated with sexuality. This is the energy of creativity and passion that sets the world in motion, causing it to evolve and change. Thanks to our vital energy we feel ourselves, we are able to enjoy life and attract what we want. Our energy grows as we allow ourselves to be bold, express and experience. 

By loving yourself, you evolve, spreading your energy around and inspire the world!

mooods is an international online store, based in Italy, shipping worldwide. We don't dictate trends. We are inspired by your moods and tastes.

We made this online store affordable, easy to use and our managers are always happy to help you at any matter. 

Our mission is to build a true long-term friendship with you and inspire you to express yourself the way you really want to!

From Italy with love. ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥


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